Across all Dita's websites we treat your privacy and data with utmost care and respect. The below text details our policies and procedures for handling your data. This statement is specifically for the DITASARCHIVES.COM archive subscription website. Please visit Dita's other websites and find the "GDPR"/Privacy links on them to get a specific statement for the website you are interested in.


On the 25th of May 2018 the EU "GDPR" regulations come into force. Since many of Dita's fans and subscribers are located in the EU we have decided to comply fully with the regulations. Non-EU customers also benefit from this legislation which puts customer privacy and security at the heart of everything we do.


With one small exception DITASARCHIVES.COM does not collect or process personally identifiable information from you. That is done by our third party partners. Please see their GDPR statements for further information on the basis under which they are operating. These statements can be found at CCBill.com and .

The exception under which DITASARCHIVES.COM does process is that it gives you the option to consent to storage of your email address to enhance the working of the forum/discussion part of the website. This is optional and only happens if you consent and manually enter your email address into your profile. Lawful basis for this use of your email is on the grounds of fulfilling part of our contract with you to provide you with a subscription service. Your email address may be deleted or changed any time you wish.


DITASARCHIVES.COM does not track or collect personal information about website visitors. The information necessary to fulfill a contract is instead collected and stored by our card processing partners: CCBill.com and .

Once a sign up is successfully completed our partners send us a username/password. These are stored on this server but are not personally identifiable to any individual without access to our partners database.

OPTIONALLY subscribers may register their email address with us (see LAWFUL BASIS FOR PROCESSING for a discussion as to why this may optionally be done). If an email is stored you must initiate the process and provide consent. No data is collected or stored about you without your consent.

No other personally identifiable information is stored on this server.


At DITASARCHIVES.COM most personal information is stored by our partners at CCBill.com and - both are "GDPR" compliant please visit their websites for further information. If you choose to store your email with us then this can optionally improve the functioning of our forum/discussion software in terms of email notifications. But submission of email is optional and the site will work fine without your email address.


By choosing to join your web session is sent to our partners who fulfil the transaction and send us the results of that transaction (but not any personally identifiable information). Our partners are CCBill.com and


For data collected by our partners please visit their websites and read their "GDPR" policy at CCBill.com and If you wish access or details about your email address if you entered into your forum profile you may either access it via the online forms or you may email us at privacy@ditasarchives.com


Your email will remain on the server until you delete it or ask for it to be deleted (which may be done via email at privacy@ditasarchives.com. If accounts are not used for a long period of time (a year) your information will be automatically deleted. The reason why emails are left on the server is because some people like to rejoin from time to time and this saves them the bother of having re-register with the forum software. However, this is optional. You can ask for this data to be deleted at any time via email at privacy@ditasarchives.com or you can delete it yourself via the appropriate web forms.

Any other session information (such as pages visited by an anonymous visitor and so on) none of which is personally identifiable or tracked) is deleted every 6 months.


Security of email addresses stored is via password protection and IP based access controls.

No other personal data is stored on the server. The only detailed personal data is at our partners servers please visit their websites and read their "GDPR" policy at CCBill.com and


DITASARCHIVES.COM uses no cookies to track anything. The server software uses a cookie for session management. This cookie is used internally by the server software and we do not make use of it for anything.

DITASARCHIVES.COM employs no tracking technology and neither do we profile customers.


This policy may be amended from time to time as we seek ever closer/greater compliance with emerging privacy standards.


Address all questions, queries, complaints to privacy@ditasarchives.com

Last Revision: 15th Sept 2021

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