The Dita Von Teese Archives


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The main picture archive on Dita's website contains over 30,000 pictures spanning Dita's career from the very early days right up to the current day. In the early days Dita updated her website from her modelling shoots with a new photoset or two every single week. All of those are still accessible. In recent years Dita no longer models but new photosets still appear from time to time from her fashion, magazine and other photoshoots. Photosets are available in a choice of 768px, 1200px and high definition 1600px versions (click on each to see a sample - see also the note at the bottom of this page)

Below we see just the first three pages from the main picture gallery archives... Each of these thumbnails lead to a gallery of 10 to 100 pictures on that theme!

With so many images to look through you might think you'd get lost! But if you are looking for something specific the website has a database search and nearly all the images are indexed. You can access the search directly from the top login page and search by keywords, type of the photo (pinup, fetish, fashion etc) or by photographer.

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* - Nearly all photosets are available in 768px, 1200px and 1600px versions. However there are some older sets and also some more modern sets where the photographer has not supplied the higher resolution versions. So not EVERY gallery is available at all resolutions - but most are.